Mall Advertising as a Means to Increase ROI

Mall Advertising need not be limited to just one or two methods of showcasing your brand in malls. You could use a combination of a number of promotional methods to provide a synergising effect on the overall impact of the brand communication.
There are innumerable shopping mall promotion ideas. You can choose to select any one or all of the following options-
Branding – you can create visibility by putting up hoardings, posters, standees, drop downs, backlits, danglers, etc. A smart combination of these mediums can create substantial visibility and impact for your brand.
Experiential Marketing – the marketing industry is very well aware of the advantages of experiential marketing campaigns. Malls prove to be one of the best spaces to undertake an experiential marketing campaign due to their ambient setting. Plus, people who visit malls are in a relaxed frame of mind. They are not in a hurry to just shop on the run. They are more amenable to advertising communication and they don’t mind spending time on exploring new products and ideas. This lends itself as an excellent opportunity to engage this audience in a one-on-one communication and discuss with them how they could benefit by using your brand. This also gives a chance to the marketer to get immediate feedback and address any issues or concerns of the consumer.  They say seeing is believing and here the consumer can be given a chance to touch and feel the product, which can be very reassuring for the customer. You can set up kiosks or stalls and provide samples, give-aways and product demonstrations.
Innovations – who says you need to follow pre-defined or well-established ways only of advertising in malls? Create disruptive communication and grab the attention of every consumer who sets foot in the mall premises with your innovative promotions. From larger than life cut-outs to 3D holograms, the options to attract the consumer are limitless.
When a clever mix of the above methods is employed, the results can be magical.
They can help the marketer to achieve the following –
    • Create / increase brand awareness
    • Reinforce brand positioning
    • Target specific TGs in specific locations or areas
    • Create database of potential consumers
    • Greater chance to influence purchase decision
    • Immediate feedback
    • Repetitive exposure to brand communication by using all the above avenues leads to higher brand recall
    • Increase in trust and confidence in a brand
    • Generate positive WOM
Such campaigns, when they are made a part of the overall integrated marketing campaign, can lead to short term as well as long term benefits. The investments made on these campaigns pay good returns as many of these benefits create long-lasting impressions. They may or may not result into immediate sales, but they definitely lead to an increased affinity towards the brand, which is an unmatched Return on Investment for any brand.
Khushi Advertising is the leading mall advertising agency in India and takes pride in providing optimum ROI to all its clients. This is the reason why our clients trust us to design the best mall advertising campaigns for them.

The Future of Cinema Advertising

If you ask experts about the most happening niche in the field of advertising in the recent years, then they will vote for Cinema Advertizing without a blink. It has shown a tremendous growth rate and the trend seems to continue. Most of the cinema advertising agencies in Mumbai reported consistent performance for years.  Consolidation and mergers in the multiplex business changed the rules of the game. Today, it is a battle between a few companies. As the footfall in the multiplex increases consistently, competitors want to grab as much share as possible. Agencies use every possible gimmick that keeps the cinema advertising A Zing thing!

It is a paradigm shift

Middle and Upper-Middle class of the Indian society had stopped watching movies in the movie halls until last decade. Inferior quality and poor maintenance were the primary reasons. Multiplexes changed the scenario completely and it is pleasurable and comfortable experience today. In spite of expensive tickets, people prefer to watch a movie in posh multiplexes instead of old-fashioned single-screens. With an improved quality of interiors, digital screens and surround sound, multiplexes make it an awfully entertaining experience. With international chains of Inox, Adlabs and PVR introducing modern, sophisticated theaters across the country, the experience will get further enriched.

Since multiplexes assure a certain kind of elite audience, segmented advertizing makes more sense. Lifestyle products, clothing, and digital accessories that appeal particular strata of the society are being targeted by cinema advertising agencies in Delhi.Cellular services, soft drinks, ice-cream brands and premium banking and insurance sectors find it quite profitable.

Emergence of “compulsive spending people” boosts it further

Economists and sociologists say that there is a new class of neo-rich people who spend just out of habit. They buy apparels, fashion accessories, and shoes whenever they visit malls.  Psychology of such “compulsive buyers” is kept into consideration while designing exclusive advertising campaigns by reputed PVR cinemas advertisingagencies. They trigger the buying desires of such people. It is a guaranteed formula for success. These buyers don’t bother about the price tags. For them, buying is critical.

Until the time malls and multiplexes remain crowded with families and youngsters enjoying a full-day fun on the weekends, the best cinema advertising agency and its competitors will be busy with developing mind-boggling advertising ideas. It is a promising and profitable business where the opportunities are limitless. Creative minds with groundbreaking ideas can make a fortune!


Traditional OOH media has been around since decades. It is focused on marketing to consumers when they are “on the go” in public places, in transit, etc. OOH advertising formats fall into three main categories: billboards, street furniture and moving media.

Traditional roadside billboards remain the predominant form of OOH advertising. Street furniture is made up of formats such as bus shelters, taxi stands, street lamps, post boxes, benches, telephone booth advertising, etc. Moving media advertising is typically advertising placed on anything which moves, such as buses, autorickshaws and taxis.
While this media offers some advantages like high reach to a mass audience, high frequency, geographic flexibility and low CPT, it is inundated with a number of disadvantages, viz.

  • Lack of intense selectivity in target market – you cannot ascertain whether your billboard has successfully drawn your TG.
  • Environmental clutter –  it spoils the beauty of the environment
  • Creative limitations – it only gives a short message that must make a strong impact on prospective customers to stimulate sales
  • Outdoor advertising is very easy to overlook – your TG may easily overlook your advertisement as he/she may be busy in other activities like walking, driving, talking to co-commuters, talking on cell phone, etc.
  • High costs for brief exposure – though the CPT is less, the relative cost borne for every minute of exposure is very high as the audience is always on the move when they are exposed to this media.
  • Weather conditions – uncontrollable factors like harsh weather that can damage your billboard
  • Visibility issue – if the site of your billboard is blocked by a tree or a branch, it will hinder its visibility
  • Time insensitive –  billboards, bus shelters, etc. cannot be turned off when not needed
  • Limited information – due to limited exposure time, only limited information can be given on this media

Ambient media advertising on the other hand makes good use of ambient spaces in malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, airports, gyms, etc. to deliver the communication in a comfortable environment. It is almost impossible to overlook the ad. The best advantage is that it catches the attention of the audience and generates interest so that the message stays with them for a long time.
The opportunities to communicate in these avenues are limitless right from branding in parking lots and elevators to washrooms and trolleys. Also, there is no cap on the creativity which can be used. It allows you to think out of the box and appeal to the audience in the most innovative ways possible. It generally enhances the overall look of the space used, without creating clutter. If you want to beat the clutter and stand out from the crowd, ambient media advertising is the best solution!

How cinema advertising Is becoming a Dominant tool of Advertising in India?

Cinema advertising in India is idiosyncratically effectual than other media due to its phenomenal recall value. Studies prove that watching an ad in the cinema gets processed consciously by our brains. No wonder, marketing geeks want to squeeze as possible from this emotionally engaging medium.

It is not an exaggeration to say that cinema advertising is the most impactful medium. This statement can be substantiated with certain points. Studies reveal that it is at least 10 times more effective in making your brand a star performer. The emotional engagement is as high as four times compared to the television audience. No wonder, creative minds working in cinema advertising agencies in Delhi and all across India are the busiest.

With an objective of maximizing ROI, advertising agencies in Mumbai spend considerable time to develop unique, eye-catching ideas for the clients. Cinema offers a unique role in the present-day communication mix, and brands and agencies have to put further efforts to understand its potential and impact.

Changing relationship between the TV and viewers
The small screen is still the uncrowned emperor of the entertainment world. Nobody can raise eyebrows at the unmatched popularity of it. Being an integral part of the media mix, it is virtually impossible for cinema advertising agencies in India to ignore it.

However, television is a medium where an abundance of advertisements makes people reluctant to watch ads. Viewers grab the remote control and change the channel almost instantly during the commercial break.

In a cinema hall, however, the situation is diametrically opposite. The audience gets mesmerized by the ads there in a highly captive environment. No wonder, cinema advertising in India creates exceptionally high emotional engagement. It is impossible to beat the silver screen as far as impact is concerned.

Though piracy offers a big peril to the film industry, filmmakers find new ways of attracting people to cinema halls. Use of specialized technologies such as surround sound and 3D lure people to go to movie halls. Thus, cinema advertising remains contemporary and relevant in the modern times. A seasoned in- film advertising company in Mumbai like Khushi puts their best brains in conceptualizing awesome ideas.

As the audience is being treated to an exclusive showcase from the best production houses worldwide, exciting releases create superb opportunities for effective and impactful brand presence through in film advertising.


Liberalisation and globalisation changed the face of the Indian market. There was a huge gush of brands entering the market. Suddenly the market was flooded with a deluge of brands offering similar or dissimilar features. Each of them wanted to grab the potential consumer’s attention first. Each of them was vying for the largest pie in the market share. Obviously, these brands needed good mediums to promote themselves.

At around the same time, with the advancement in technology, Satellite TV made its way into our homes. Marketers started relying heavily on this medium to advertise their products and services. Apart from TV, the other mediums too were used extensively – print, radio and outdoor.

However, as the years passed by, marketers started realising that they would have to look for other avenues too apart from just TV or the other traditional mediums. If they did not do this, then they would fade in oblivion in the customer’s mind as the customer was constantly bombarded with a plethora of advertisements on TV, in print, etc. Customers complained that these advertisements were a hindrance in their TV viewing. So, they took the simple way out. They simply flipped channels when the programme went into an ad break. Thus, the whole purpose of inserting ads in breaks started to lose its ground at some level.

This insight was rightly comprehended by expert agencies like Khushi Advertising. We, at Khushi realised that it is getting increasingly difficult to hold the customer’s attention in a medium where he/she is in a commanding position, i.e. they have the remote control and can simply change the channel. Hence, for brands to make the most of their investment in advertisements, Khushi presented the option of cinema advertising to companies. Cinema is a booming industry in India with not just Hindi films but regional films too raking in huge business. Advertising in cinemas is the most lucrative option to catch the attention of customers who are in a relaxed state of mind. The brand leverages the advantages that a big screen and superior sound output offers. Not to forget, the ambience in a multiplex also adds to the overall experience of the cine-goer. Also, here the customer or cinema goer is more receptive to the message in the advertisement as he does not have any other disturbance or interruption around him. Hence, a brand stands a greater chance of being heard and recalled by the customer.

Cinema advertising in India is in its nascent stage. There is huge scope to utilise this medium and enjoy the many advantages that it offers. Increasingly brands are recognising the importance of and are relying on experts like Khushi to give them a comprehensive cinema advertising plan to reach the target audience, delivering maximum impact. With the increase in the number of multiplexes the business of cinema advertising is on the upward swing.Cinema advertising in multiplexes has increased manifold. PVR cinema advertising or Inox cinema advertising has gained great momentum today. With increasing number of people flocking to cinemas,cinema advertising agencies in Mumbai,Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and all from over India are educating brands about the importance of this medium. Offering so many advantages,cinema advertising is definitely here to stay.

Five reasons Khushi Advertising makes experiential marketing a great hit for you.

In the competitive environment today, it is certainly difficult to build long-term brand loyalty. People have an array of choices atcompetitive prices. Therefore, you need something different and more effective than the conventional means. Khushi Advertising is one of the topExperiential Marketingagencies in India. It hasestablished high standards by following pioneering ideas. Here are five reasons it is among the top choices when clients need experiential marketing services:
(i) When people experience, it is impossible to get detached from a brand: Experiential marketing gives a chance to take control of the experience. Thus, customer engagement increases manifold. When people know that a brand is in line with their expectations and choice, they appreciate it and make part of their life. The brand touches their emotions.
(ii) It is a personalized experience: When a brand is marketed by other means, it is a one-to-many experience. Though marketing gurus design it beautifully to reach the maximum audience, it has a universal appeal and no personal touch. Experiential marketing, on the other hand, is purely personal. Khushi Advertising has the required team of skilled Experiential Marketing experts in India to make it as effective as possible. When a consumer feels greatly connected, the brand becomes a personal choice and preference.
(iii) It does not have the ill-effects of aggressive marketing: With dedicated marketing campaigns that are purely experiential in nature, there is no scope for spamming or ineffective marketing campaigns. The campaigns are individually designed to build high levels of brand loyalty. Specifically targeted campaigns based on demographics make it a big success.
(iv) Campaigns alter the purchase decisions: Smart brand promotions using experiential marketing concepts not only increase brand awareness, but also influence purchase decisions. Each campaign can be designed on the digital, social and behavioral aspects of the consumers. With a rich experience in the niche, Khushi Advertisinghas the skills to do it well.
(v) Creativity and innovation are at the peak: When people rely on seasoned marketing companies like Khushi Advertising, it is certain that the brand is promoted using the most creative and innovative ideas. They create a long-lasting impact and excellent results. Expert designers put a finger on the pulse of the market to sense the change in the consumer behavior.
The modern world of marketing needs all types of marketing efforts when it comes to establishing a brand in the market. Experiential Marketing Ideas are the frontrunners in this race.

Want to extract the most from experiential marketing? Here are some facts

The impact of experiential marketing is quite clear to those who have tasted the fruits of this incredibly spicy way of marketing.  When you hire a seasoned agency like Khushi Advertising that runs a focused campaign for you, it is guaranteed that users find it well-executed and lively.
Experts call it the first step towards a path to establish great customer loyalty and brand recognition. You accomplish the achievement that you have always dreamt of.Why are brand gurus so gung-ho about this memorable and persuasive activity? Why is it regarded as the only way to create long-lasting and personalized relations with clients and customers? Why is it one of the smartest ways of connecting with business associates?
The answer is pretty simple. The best experiential marketing agencies know the tangible and intangible benefits that a campaign can offer. Hence, they assess the return on investment with amazing precision.
Why is it so different from others?
Experiential marketing is a channel that is not at all comparable to other similar products. It creates a direct, personalized brand experience that builds incredible trust among buyers and other business associates. A similar impact is just not possible by any other means. Experiential marketing companies in India design precise campaigns that build trust with highly personalized and face-to-face experience of the brand. Since a laser beam- like campaign targets the audience, the message reaches to the toughest corners easily.
Since an experiential marketing campaign generates results that are based on the hands-on experience and not statistical paperwork, therein lies the biggest strength.  As compared to other above-the-line campaigns, the experiential wastage is minimal. Not only FMCG sector (where this mode is remarkably effective), but all sectors take the benefit of it.
Marketers spread across industries reap benefits by hiring anexpert in Experiential Marketing like Khushi Advertisingthat holds the knack of designing the mosteffective marketing campaign based on user requirements.
Revenue growth versus expense, you need the best
Return on investment of the campaign is nothing but calculating the monetary benefit generated by a campaign after subtracting the cost incurred. Simple mathematics, isn’t it? However, you should look at the campaign differently while calculating the ROI. Experts say that it is something beyond mere financial calculations. The greatly immersive campaigns make tremendously positive marketing waves for you, and the buzz is helpful from the long-term perspective.  A raving success is what you should expect from it because experiential marketing is “different” from other conventional means.

Movie merchandizing, what explains the buzz around it?

Movie merchandizing no longer remains an alien concept for Bollywood today. It is the new-age marketing mantra. You see almost every film today getting released with a series of merchandize. This kind of branding has immense potential.From the perspective of movie makers, here are some prominent benefits:
(i) It promotes the movie: Movie merchandizing achieves film promotions from outlets that are totally unconventional. Since there is no direct expense incurred for these outlets, it brings high cost-effectiveness.
(ii) It makes the movie a household name: Experts say that merchandizing has multiple times more potential than conventional ways. It makes the movie a household name by reaching as many people as possible.
(iii) It holds monetary value: If it is done effectively and the movie is also a box office hit, then it brings a lot of money. An expert in Film Advertising can build fantastic products that are impressive and profitable.
(iv) It makes memories of the movie long-lasting: Experts say that public memory is very short. Hence, they forget about a movie once it is out of the theaters. However, merchandizing helps avoid the curse of oblivion. It is also possible to generate further revenues by selling rights of the brand merchandize.

A few points to ponder
No doubt, it is a great way of generating revenues, however there are a few things that should be considered before implementing it. Regardless of the fact that you hire the Best Cinema Advertising Agency, the results will not be impressive if these things are overlooked:
(i) Quality has to be paramount. Otherwise, it will adversely impact the movie. An incorrect impression will be built, and people will not turn up at the movie halls.
(ii) The stock of the merchandize should be produced judiciously. If the quantity is too large, then there will be wastage. If it is too less, then the campaign will not be impactful.
(iii) Careful selection is necessary while making the decision about the merchandize.
(iv) The cost of merchandize should be proportionate to its quality and effectiveness.
The new trend not only acts as a superior and strong marketing tool but a revenue generator as well. Movie Merchandizing is bound to conquer new heights in the coming years.

Khushi Advertising Integrates with JITO Connect 2016

A trade fair offers an incredible chance to deliberate and engage with business peer groups, stakeholders, clients and customers. JITO Connect 2016 offers an ambience and chance to establish a great connect to the marketplace. It is a grand event where a congregation of leading industries and brands across the country showcase their business. Khushi Advertising will be integrating with JITO 2016 Pune. Visit us at Stall 50,51 Yellow Cluster, JITO 2016 Pune

The three-day grand event kicks off on 7th April in Pune. The widespread area of 17 Acres ready to welcome eminent speakers, delegates, and business tycoons and media partners. The special attraction will be the JAIN PAVILLION showing the ideology, inspiration and fundamentals of Jainism.

Khushi will be showcasing its products and services at the Grand fair
Khushi Advertising, the most preferred partner in India for branding and advertising in shopping malls, cinemas and airports, will participate in the grand JITO 2016 event. It is a great chance to exhibit the excellence and prominence in front of the aptest audience Including entrepreneurs.

Khushi Advertising Offers its clients 360 Degree solutions covering multiple avenues and gamut of Services covering Cinema , Branding, Experiential, Showbiz and More. Khushi is not only the largest cinema advertising agency in India, but it is also one of the most trusted brands also. With exclusive rights for 1000+ cinema screens and 14 shopping malls, it grabs the largest chunk of the promising marketplace. Team Khushi is spread across 31 prominent Indian business cities where the best talents work relentlessly to satisfy the branding and advertising needs of 1500+brands.

Trustis the secret of success

The leading business brands partner Khushi because they believe in the capabilities of it. Whether is in-cinema advertising or branding in the shopping malls, exclusive inventory at airports or experiential marketing; the company excels at all the fronts.

JITO CONNECT 2016 opens new horizons of success by attracting eyeballs of the potential business partners. Summits where the best brands and industries participate, give new insights about the business today and tomorrow. With 200+ ad sales and operations team PAN India, Khushi offers a convenient and effective brand partnership with clients.

Cinema advertising catches enormous eyeballs PAN India
Multiplex is the best place to watch films. There are more than 2000 multiplex screens in India, no wonder it attracts marketers for promoting their products and services. Today, cinema advertising agencies in Kolkata, cinema advertising agencies in Mumbai, are prospering with numerous retail & corporate clients wanting to advertise in cinemas. With most of the movies touching the magic figure of 100 Cr, footfalls in multiplexes has shown an increasing trend year after year. Disposable income group of people are ready to spend because the experience of watching movies in these world-class cinemas is amazing.
Statistics show that the market is pretty exciting
You name an international brand, and you have it in India. International film distribution companies find a huge marketplace in India and have concrete expansion plans of five or ten years down the line. Among the top players running pretty close to each other, Inox shows immense resilience and spirit. As a result, advertising in INOX is a success mantra. Cinema advertising agencies in Pune and other big cities showcase them in Inox theaters. They are also advertising in CInepolis & PVR there.
The economy of scale is the biggest strength of India. On an average 30+ films get released every week including Hindi and 10 other regional languages. The estimated number of movie tickets sold in a year is approx. 4 billion. The figures are jaw-dropping. Cinema Advertising is one of the most lucrative modes of promotion. Irrespective of critics debating about cinema as an advertising medium; in-cinema advertising advantages & disadvantages, is surely a promising niche.
Small or big, all cities are fit for it
Digitized in-Cinema advertising is a hot cake which arouses the interest of PAN India advertising agencies.
If any brand has made an ad-film the marketer can showcase the same on TV and mix it with cinema advertising. This may increase the effective reach & ROI in their plan.
Interestingly, in-cinema advertising is also relevant for the metros or “A class cities”. Cinema advertising agencies in Punjab, Advertising agencies in Ludhiana, & advertising agencies in Chandigarh enjoy equally golden business opportunity as cinema advertising agencies in Hyderabad. Since the look and feel of multiplexes is same across the country (because all multiplex chains have stringent quality norms and guidelines), the market response is also identical. Reports say that there is a humongous opportunity in the Tier II and Tier III class cities where the market is completely unexplored. With more multiplexes coming in these cities, advertising agencies in India will have exciting cinema advertising advantages, & revenues to explore.