Reasons to advertise at McDonald’s

Reasons to advertise at McDonald’s

McDonald’s is one of the oldest fast food companies in the world, founded in 1940 operated by Richard and Maurice McDonald, in San Bernardino, California, United States. Starting from a single outlet in the U.S. to reaching having thousands of outlets across the globe, McDonald’s restaurants are found in 120 countries and territories around the world catering to millions of customers each day. Also by revenue McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant chain. McDonald’s predominantly sells burgers i.e. both vegetarian & non vegetarian, also sells wraps French fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, coffee, breakfast items, and desserts. Products are offered as either “dine-in” or “take-out”. “Eat-in” meals are provided on a plastic tray with a paper insert on the floor of the tray. “Take-out” meals are usually delivered with the contents enclosed in a distinctive McDonald’s-branded brown paper bag.

Advertising at McDonald’s is a marketing opportunity like no other and provides an apt platform to a brand to connect with its TG. McDonald’s invites people of different age groups to gather and spend time together.

Here’s why Advertising at McDonald’s could do wonders for your business:

1. McDonald’s outlets are located at prime locations in various cities across the country and drive huge amount of traffic.

2. People spend a great deal of time hanging out at McDonald’s thus guaranteeing maximum amount of eyeballs for the advertisements or promotions put up by brands.

3. Often people visiting McDonald’s do so in groups, which means a chain effect is quite likely to occur when a particular brand is noticed and discussed upon.

4. It provides the luxury of knowing the audience demographics and hence providing a ready-made base of consumes information and responds to it in a qualitative manner.

5. Huge network of outlets throughout the country hence country wide campaigns & hyperlocal campaigns can be carried out with complete ease.

6. Provides eye level communication with the relevant TG.

The above stated reasons are convincing enough for a brand to advertise in McDonald’s. This medium is effective and provides a brand with a numerous touch points to interact with its TG. This is a big opportunity for brand to use this medium and create brand awareness or generate brand recall.


Using Airport Advertising to Reach Your TG

Time has become a huge constraint in people’s lives and as a result of that, people are trying to save time as much as possible, especially while commuting from one city to another. Which has led to a drastic increase in the number of people travelling by air on a daily basis which means more outbound & inbound tourists at the airports. This is why airports have become a hub for advertising especially in India where airfares are becoming cheaper and cheaper, hence making air travel affordable.

To make airport advertising more rewarding, there are a few things you should keep in mind. That is, every piece of real estate at an airport is of unique significance from the marketing perspective. A lot of people don’t realize that airports are great for both B2B as well as B2C advertising. Once brands acknowledge this fact, they will be in a position to divide their market spends more strategically.

B2C & B2B work especially well at airports as a lot of people are travel for business purposes and there are high chances of them being at the decision-making level at their respective firms. These travelers also spend a lot of time at the airports, hence they tend to be more aware of their surroundings and are more likely to respond to these advertisements. They often tend to see a particular advertisement and if it interests them they go online to gather more information and eventually even buy the product. Some of them also have a huge social media following and a single post about your product could simply skyrocket your sales.

As mentioned earlier, an increased percentage of people belonging to different economic demographics have started to travel by air. What this means is that there is a chance for companies to advertise an increased variety of products at airports. A lot of consumer brands are creating awareness and generating leads via airport advertising and this will only continue to rise.

In this era of globalization, airport advertising is highly underrated due to the preconceived notion that they will be extremely expensive, which is definitely not the case. The returns from advertising with this medium is only going to rise in the years to come and companies who take advantage of this sooner will be one point ahead of their competition. Travelers too will have a nice trip with lots to consider over the course of their journey.

Reaching Your Target Audience with Effective Airport Advertising

Reaching Your Target Audience with Effective Airport Advertising
Time has become a huge constraint in people’s lives and as a result of that, people are trying to save time as much as possible, especially in transportation. What that has led to is a drastic increase in the number of people travelling by air on an annual basis which means more people at airports. This is why airports have become a hub for advertising especially in India where the airfares are becoming slightly cheaper, seat occupancy in flights is becoming higher and the audience diversified.

To make your advertisements through this channel more rewarding, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Every piece of real estate at an airport holds a unique significance from a marketing standpoint. A lot of people don’t realize that airports are great for both B2B as well as B2C advertising depending upon where you are placing the ad. Once companies acknowledge this fact, everything can be done strategically and their marketing efforts won’t go in vain.

B2B works especially well at airports as a lot of people are travelling on business purposes and there is a high chance that they are in a decision-making position where they work. These people are also very aware of their surroundings so they are more likely to respond to these advertisements and the conversion rate will be thus be higher. They will immediately look it up online if it concerns them which is how this will complement your other advertising channels. Sometimes, these people also have huge social media following and a single post about your product could simply skyrocket your sales.

As mentioned earlier, an increased percentage of people belonging to different economic demographics have started to travel by air. What this means is a chance for companies to advertise an increased variety of products at airports keeping them in mind. Here too, the key lies in placement. Placing ads near a store or coffee shop will fetch you more attention versus an ad placed in the middle of nowhere. A lot of consumer brands are making the most of this change and this will only continue to rise.

In this age of globalization, airports are a highly underrated but very profitable advertising medium. Returns from this channel are only going to rise in the years to come and companies who take advantage of this sooner will rise above the competition sooner than anyone would imagine. Consumers too are going to have a nice trip with lots to consider over the course of their journey.


In these times when we a consumer is bombarded with loads and loads of advertising messages, generic advertising simply gets lost like a needle in a haystack. The need of the hour for better targeting and effective result is to create a long lasting connect with the audience, so as to influence their behavior and translate the connect into revenue. That’s precisely where experiential marketing comes in.

The primary benefit of experiential marketing is that it gives a chance to the customers to interact with the product and give their feedback instantly. Plus, with effective usage of social media, the impact can be massive.

More and more businesses are realizing the influence of experiential marketing. They are ready to give real time experiences to customers by allowing them to interact with their products, gain a better understanding about the products, its uses and thereby engage them for a long time.

The key here is to identify and implement novel ideas of experiential marketing to keep your customers engaged and build a brand. It is the out-of-the-box ideas that attract the customers.

Apart from creating a buzz about the product and creating awareness, experiential marketing creates a ‘connect’ with the customers. It acts as a link that brings company and the customers together through the brand.

But that’s not all…when the customers are encouraged to share their experiences on social media, it helps garner even better support for the brand, thereby complementing a strong experiential marketing strategy.

Experiential marketing has been giving remarkable results and it is here to stay for years to come. Combined with the latest technology, marketers are creating “never-heard-before and never-seen-before” experiences for the audiences to give them memorable interactions, thus paving way for brands to create a long lasting connect with the audiences. This naturally enhances the efficiency of the campaign. Most importantly, in such campaigns, customer feedback is collected, which provides actionable insights into the businesses and gives them a chance to act in line with the consumer needs, giving them exactly what they want, creating a positive brand image in return.

When done right, experiential marketing can have exponential potential in brand building and earning loyal customers. With the continuous upgrades in techniques and technology, experiential marketing too must be innovative to impress the targeted customers and yield desired results.

Using Professional Services for Mall Activation Campaigns

Shopping malls present really excellent branding opportunities, ones that are very exclusive. Usual daily footfalls in popular shopping malls typically range up to a few thousands, even leaping to the value of lakhs on weekends at a big centre. Shopping mall advertising therefore offer excellent visibility and opens up fantastic marketing avenues by a set of varying methods together known as mall activation.
Shopping mall advertising strategies include spot marketing, flash mob activities, display packages, experiential marketing and leaflet distribution among other things. Independent third party marketing agencies accept promotional assignments at various package rates. Before selecting a competent advertising company in India, clients need to verify the following aspects categorically to make it a successful campaign with best results.
Position and placements
Advertising in shopping malls allow opportunities for focused localized marketing. You may have particular retailer preferences. It can deliver a substantial effect on viewer memory, thereby helping with sales growth. Besides the location of the mall, also verify internal locations availability. Display stands and banners are great to capture attention, as long as their position is conspicuous. Direct customer interactions are invaluable for lead generation.
Intelligent planning
It is simply not worth it to pay a lump-sum package and to find your ad stand placed at an obscure end of the 4th floor! It should be a very visible position, if possible at the entry floor, or somewhere in the most visited sections. Out of the box shopping mall advertising as placing ads on the escalator side boards, in elevators, etc. can help grab customer attention.
Furthermore, assess the benefits of innovative advertising in malls. Intelligent placements at strategic positions are crucial. Displaying your stand right in front of a competitor store may not be actually a good idea because people are already visiting that section to visit your competition! Your visibility naturally suffers.
Other concerns
Assess if your experiential marketing is generating value. Can your audience really understand what you have to say? In order to get the word around, companies arrange activities such as entertainment shows at the ground floor in the atrium, customized leaflet distribution and use of electric lighting for creating attraction. Check if they would be displaying the advert over giant TV and projector screens. Above all, always assess the duration of the available package and see if the pricing is reasonable. How long can you expect your fresh advertising to hold relevance? Decide the package based on the answer to this question.


In order to get noticed and stand out from the crowd, it is extremely essential to engage in innovative advertising. Today, there are so many branding options for a marketer to choose from. It is easy to get lost amidst the clutter of brands shouting out to grab the customer’s attention. Innovative advertising is the only way in which a brand can command the customer’s attention. Media in India is constantly evolving. Constantly there are new mediums and new ways of innovative advertising being introduced. There are a number of innovative media in India today, which were unheard of a few years ago. Khushi’s sleek backlit is one such medium for innovative advertising. The sleek backlit, with a depth of a mere 1.5 inches is extremely stylish and is a refreshing alternative to the regular branding options. It is a 4’ x 7’ backlit LED display
SWI 516 Eco Ultra Slim Backlit view box.

DCTex Furnishings, a reputed name in the Home Décor industry, recently made optimum use of the sleek backlit. DCTex had teamed up with Hrithik Roshan and his movie Kaabil, to showcase its world of luxury & splendour. Their creative agency entrusted Khushi to employ a novel branding campaign in multiplexes. Khushi’s sleek backlits were chosen as the medium to highlight the brand and to accentuate the product appeal. An innovative idea was employed by actually placing a drape on the sleek backlit which perfectly complemented the brand’s creative. In this manner the physical product itself was showcased in the communication against the backdrop of the brand’s creative. This branding campaign was run across 75 properties spanning 7 cities in India.
The multiplex branding campaign created a lot of buzz. Thus, it is very important to create the perfect blend of the brand’s characteristics and the attributes of the medium employed to advertise. The aim should be to break through the clutter of the plethora of branding campaigns. It communicated the exquisiteness of the brand in an innovative and off-beat manner. The incorporation of an added visual dimension by placing the actual fabric alongside its screen image stirred up considerable interest and curiosity amongst the TG. This multiplex branding campaign was well received and very well appreciated.
Khushi is proud to be recognised as the fastest growing ambient media agency in India, which specialises in providing novel ambient advertising solutions across various avenues. Our strong team of 230+ professionals across 33 cities pan India is dedicated to servicing 350+ leading brands pan India.


We often buy products and services based on recommendations. Very often the choices that we make are influenced heavily by a family member, friend, colleague or any other person or persons whose opinions matter to us. There are numerous instances when we buy varied products and services such as cosmetics, electronic devices, salon services, restaurants, etc. based on someone’s recommendation. In turn, we too turn brand advocates when we rave about the latest movie we watched or the latest perfume we bought. Such instances are many, as by nature, human beings tend to get influenced by what they see and hear from people around them. Such testimonials instigate conversations amongst smaller groups like friends, relatives, peers, and even larger groups through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These conversations snowball into wide-spread discussions and consequently create buzz.
When such buzz is systematically and deliberately created to generate positive word of mouth, it is called Buzz Marketing. Buzz Marketing is very effective for spreading awareness about a new product or service. Experiential Marketing is an excellent way to create buzz. Experiential Marketing agencies specialise in creating campaigns that focus on establishing a connection with the consumer. The aim of any Experiential Marketing campaign is to generate brand awareness and create buzz. An Experiential marketing expert in India can provide innovative Experiential Marketing ideas to generate buzz.
For example, when introducing a soft drink, the marketer may distribute samples in a college campus and have promoters who can hand out the soft drinks and collect feedback on the spot. This activity will generate buzz and if the product is actually liked by the students, they will be enticed to buy more and very importantly, suggest others to try it.
In another scenario, a diet food brand can set up a kiosk at a gym and hand out samples. They can also give a pamphlet describing the ingredients and the health benefits of the product. A ready TG, the gym goers will definitely be more than willing to try a health product. Their personal details and feedback can be collected. These fitness enthusiasts are certain to pass on information about the new diet food to people they know. Other gyms too will hear of it soon and there will be a buzz created around the product.
Essentially, if the right amount of buzz is created, people will talk and write about it, and it can become a great PR vehicle.
Some of the best Experiential Marketing agencies like Khushi can help you establish the right connect with consumers through Experiential Marketing campaigns which are designed to create desired buzz in the market.

Executing Experiential Marketing Strategies

Experiential Marketing refers to executable strategies that offer a more direct and interactive connection with the potential customer. Mall stores have emerged as fabulous testing grounds for trying such types of direct marketing. Some of the best advertising companies in India professionally handle elaborate ambient advertising requirements by offering affordable packages.
These methods may be relatively expensive for the usual short-term campaign, but the fabulous returns typically compensate the expenses manifold. These are perfect for localized niche access as it becomes easy to engage in hyper local marketing. Experiential marketing also serves as the launching platform for new offers and promotions. The following sections describe a few key concepts for the perfect Experiential Marketing campaign.
Glamour based advertising
What is the image that first comes to your mind when you hear of the word ‘mall’? Obviously, you think of lots of stylish shops and elite crowds and colourful things everywhere! The point here is that in order to captivate the attention of the mall-going crowd, the advertisements have to be impressive!
Professionals use various methods such as LED displays on ad boards, colorful graphics, TV and projector displays. Interactivity also adds a distinct advantage. For example, allowing prospects to touch, use or taste the product in the display creates a connection with the customers and enhances the brand value of the product.

Location and position
Such marketing methods offer significant benefits for location specific market access. For instance, if you would want to attract people living in the Western parts of the city, the key approach would be to find a mall advertising agency in India that can promote your brand at specified places.
Placement of your ads at the mall is also an important factor. For example, if your ad is displayed at a corner with very few visitors and has low visibility, then the entire purpose of Experiential Marketing gets defeated. Therefore, one must consider a space where your brand would get optimal viewership.
Often setting up a display board in the interior areas of mall is available in a low budget. But ultimately the money saved is going to cost you more, as it cannot reach the targeted consumers.
Therefore, before you shortlist your Experiential Marketing agency, check out the available packages, customizability options, durations, and more. See if they employ innovative and attractive experiential marketing ideas to achieve the best results for your brand.

Ambient Advertising – The New Face of Advertising

The conventional methods of advertising products are becoming obsolete these days as innovative and much more persuasive methods have come into the picture. Ambient advertising is one such novel method of advertising in which the advertisements are placed at unusual places and on unusual objects where we normally do not expect an ad. It forces the people to notice that ad and thus, the purpose is solved.
Ambient advertising can be done anywhere and everywhere. These ads give a different dimension to the advertised products as the people start thinking about them differently. This alternative media showcases the products in quite unusual places like hot air balloons, back of parking slips, trolley handles in the supermarkets, projecting large images on the buildings etc.
What is ambient media: Ambient media refers to the media environment in which the information is communicated in a universal and pervasive environment. The content and technology used in theses advertisements can create new possibilities in the field of advertising. Ambient media advertising is like a niche for the advertising agencies to overcome the traditional methods and find out new avenues to grab the attention of the buyers.
The advertising agencies do a survey and place their ads at the most visited places such as railway stations, airports, shopping malls etc. so that more and more number of people can see these ads. The ads push the brand message effectively in front of the potential consumers and their uniqueness helps in developing the easy recall within the minds of the target audience. Thus, the advertisers are able to maintain the brand awareness which helps them in increasing sales.
Ambient media grew enormously in the recent years due to various factors such as its versatile nature, its ability to target the potential consumers very effectively and precisely, its innovative ways and a reduction in the efficiency of the traditional media in persuading the people.
Best ambient advertising is the one that brings out the products in an altogether different way such that the targeted audience cannot help noticing it. The products may be old and well known but their presentation is unique so that the message given is loud and clear and impossible to ignore. Such advertising can be surprising, shocking or even funny. The target is to get the image fixed in the minds of the consumers which can easily be recalled whenever required.
Thus, ambient advertising is the new face of advertising and is moving towards a huge leap in the coming years.

Khushi Advertising dishes out two winning advertising campaigns for Burrp!

Burrp! is a pioneer in the Indian food discovery space and a one-stop solution for all kinds of food related queries. They wished to launch two campaigns, one, to recognise the best restaurants across 7 cities and second for New Year’s Eve. The campaigns were slotted to run in Mumbai and Bangalore spanning 45 days across various offline mediums. In the first advertising Burrp! undertook an initiative that recognized the best restaurants/food outlets across numerous categories. Customers were engaged to cast their votes in favour of their restaurants of choice and 3 lucky winners stood a chance to win prizes on daily basis. In the second campaign Burrp! promoted their New Year’s Eve special feature, a platform to all party animals to explore best New Year parties in town at the click of a finger.
Khushi was their advertising partner in both these campaigns. We tailored an intricate pattern, mixing mediums such as cinema advertising, multiplex branding, mall branding, bus shelters and Big Bazaar. These avenues were effectively employed to create an overall enticing campaign for Burrp!. Since the client was open to dabbling in multiple non-traditional advertising mediums, we were able to provide a mix of various mediums to draw maximum eyeballs and garner strong impact. All the mediums used by us were employed to their best use to suit the requirements of the client.
All the traditional mediums of advertising have been exploited numerous times. Due to the clutter of the traditional mediums, many consumers tend to consciously ignore such ads or skip them completely. This is where ambient advertising steps in. It helps to break free from the overcrowded traditional mediums and breaks the mould to create an altogether new and interesting way of advertising. Brands can leverage the superior sound and visual output of cinemas to create a larger than life representation which entices viewers. Multiplex branding, mall branding, branding in hypermarkets, etc. are excellent mediums to attract the TG at the right place and right time. All these avenues allow the marketer to project his advertisement in various innovative and non-conventional ways in order to immediately grab the consumers’ attention.
Khushi, the fastest growing ambient media agency in India, endeavours to make ambient advertising the most sought after medium for brands who wish to stand out from the crowd. Khushi is the leading cinema advertising agency in India. We offer various on-screen, branding, experimental marketing solutions to clients. We also provide innovations across various advertising avenues to ensure maximum visibility and recall for your brand.