It goes without saying that ads with strong messages make the maximum impact. If the ad is also visually appealing, it promises to have the makings of a successful ad campaign. Every advertiser wishes that his ad reaches as much of the target audience as possible and as many times as possible i.e. it achieves maximum reach and frequency. Media like TV, newspaper and radio make this possible. However, it is also possible that the most well-written and beautifully shot ads can fail to deliver the desired impact. Hence, it is essential that the ad is correctly placed keeping the medium and the target audience in mind.
Ad placement can make a world of difference to the overall impact the ad creates. Non-traditional media rely heavily on the placement of the ad to deliver success. Take for example, cinema advertising. Advertisements in cinemas are placed before the movie starts and during the interval. At both these times the audience is relaxed and has surrendered themselves to the environment. They are there to have a good time and to spend money on entertainment and leisure. They do not find the ads playing on the screen to be an intrusion. In fact, they are actually relaxed enough to pay attention to the ad, unlike when they view the same ad on TV. Here, placing the ad in the cinema where the precise target audience is available turns out to be beneficial. The benefit is even more if the advertised product is available within the premises of the same mall that the multiplex is situated in. Another example is the ads placed at the Point of Purchase (POP), which can draw increased number of impulse buyers. The most apt example of how ad placement can do wonders is ambient advertising. Ambient advertising involves placing ads in unconventional places like elevators, escalators, washrooms in malls and multiplexes, aisles in cinemas, seats in cinemas, popcorn tubs in cinemas, trays in coffee shops, etc. Therefore, ambient media advertising banks heavily on the placement of the ad in the appropriate location. If the communication is placed perfectly in the most apt location, then the delivered impact is multiplied. Eg. An advertisement for diet food placed on the treadmill in gyms. Here, the ad placement wins half the battle for the brand.
These and many more instances clearly elucidate the importance of ad placement. Ad placement can make all the difference between the success and failure of an ad.


The Magic of Innovative Media

Recent few years have witnessed a major shift in the ways companies advertise. There have emerged several new strategies in the field of advertising that have made the old and conventional ways obsolete and ineffective. Innovative media is one of these and has a great potential to boost the sales of the companies magically.
Innovative media refers to the strategy by which the various innovative media agencies display the advertisements in such a way that the potential customers can’t ignore them. They are so well presented that once people fix their eyes on them; their image gets fixed in their minds which eventually drives them to buy the product. The advertisements come out in a lively manner and the people are unable to overlook them. They are made so catchy and are prudently placed on the most visited places so that they cast a spell over the minds of the people and ultimately the customers buy them.
Innovative media in India is gaining volume as more and more agencies providing these services are coming into existence. These have innovative ideas which are put to use to advertise a particular brand. Innovative advertising includes putting huge three dimensional hoardings on busy locations, fixing huge objects like buses or trucks with large life like pictures of the advertised product, placing attractive statues or at times it includes live advertising as well.
One of the most common types of innovative advertising is shopping mall advertising. In this type, the advertised products are displayed in the common area of shopping malls along with catchy slogans and a complete team of professionals to provide information to the customers about the product. When people see these products live or their huge attractive pictures, they are bound to get allured and thus buy them finally. Advertising in malls has its benefits as majority of the people coming to the malls are the perfect target market for these products. They are usually well to do and can afford majority of the advertised products. So, shopping malls serve as a great location for innovative advertising.
Innovative advertising, thus, helps to escalate the sales of the associated products and augments their profits. It has the magical ability to captivate the attention of the potential customers due to its attractive, life-like and fascinating strategies of presentation. They portray the products in such a vivacious manner that the customers are bound to buy them eventually multiply the profits of the companies.

Brand Promotions via Airport Advertising

Advertising is the back bone of the marketing function of any business. No business can grow if it is not able to attract the customers and advertising is the most effective way to fascinate the customers to buy the offered products. One thumb rule of any type of advertising is that it should reach to the maximum number of people so that maximum sales can be attained. If an advertisement is not noticed by a large chunk of population, the whole idea of its creation is futile.
Airport advertising is becoming a new and one of the most important forms of advertising with more and more people travelling by air in the past few years. The airport serves as a wonderful location to place the advertisements as it witnesses a large number of footfalls throughout the year. With people going either for work or recreation, airports are always busy and crowded and hence are one of the best places for the airport advertising agencies in India to display their creativity. The large airports in India have footfalls of up to 40 million passengers in a year and are the best catchment areas as the targets are the people belonging to the affluent families, top executives, NRIs, businessmen and the Indian and foreign tourists. The airport advertising agencies display the advertisements with the help of LED billboards placed strategically at the departure and arrival terminals so that it hits the maximum number of eye balls.
Amritsar airport advertising is touching new heights with the number of passengers increasing constantly here. It has become a perfect place for brand promotions and is one of the most buzzing places. The airport advertising agencies create attractive advertisements and place them on the various terminals to achieve their desired targets.
Surat airport advertising is also one of the fastest growing airport advertising avenues in India. The advertisements on the airport include, along with the routine products, the information about places to visit, best hotels in the town, bet eateries, etc.
Chandigarh airport advertising is also an important part of the airport advertising business in India. Chandigarh, being known as one of the best planned towns is a hotspot among domestic and foreign tourists and is a frequently visited place. Thus, airport advertising helps the brands to get noticed by the travellers and augments their sales.
So, to make your business flourish, hire the best professional team from the several airport advertising agencies in India and gawk at your business growing at an amazing pace!

Advertising via Experiential Marketing

In the world of advertising, new strategies are constantly evolving with a complete set of practices and argumentative reasons justifying the advantages of the new form and their importance in escalating the sales of a brand. Experiential marketing is an innovative form of marketing which involves as many senses of the customers as possible. It is an active way of advertising as compared to the conventional ones.
It primarily focuses on providing an experience of the associated brand to the customers. Unlike the traditional advertising that just informs the consumers about a brand and its benefits, experiential marketing immerses them in the brand by engaging their various senses. It creates a closer bond between the consumers and the brand which is very important for its sale and also for brand loyalty. If you want to increase your product’s sales beyond a certain point, you need to show something better and interesting to the consumers. They should feel compelled to buy your product and that can be done by giving them a prior experience.
To take the brand to a higher level, the promoters need to hire the best experiential marketing agencies. You can find many competent and experienced experiential marketing agencies in Mumbai as it is the financial capital of India and a major hub of advertising. Khushi is one of the best experiential marketing experts in India.
People have recognized the importance of advertising in any kind of business and this is the main reason for the evolution of various new techniques such as experiential marketing. The success of experiential marketing campaigns has given rise to the growth of several experiential marketing companies in India. These companies design wonderful campaigns for their brands which help them to connect to the customers directly and completely. They try to engage the potential customers in different activities to grab their attention and to give them a real feel about the brand. The customers thus create a mental picture of the brand and become eager to buy them. They, at times, recommend these products to their friends as well which further increases the sales.
So, to make your business profitable, it is highly commendable to search for an expert experiential marketing company in India and help your business grow leaps and bounds in a shorter span.