Brand awareness refers to the strength of a brand’s presence in the consumer’s mind (Aaker, 1996:10). It is a measure of the percentage of the target market that is aware of a brand name (Bovée et al., 1995:248). Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are able to recall or recognize a brand. The term includes both brand recognition as well as brand recall. 
Brand recognition relates to consumers’ ability to confirm prior exposure to that brand when given the brand as a cue. It requires that consumers can correctly discriminate the brand as having been previously seen or heard. Brand recall relates to consumers’ ability to retrieve the brand from memory, given the product category, the needs fulfilled by the category or a purchase or usage situation as a cue. It requires consumers to correctly generate the brand from memory when given a relevant cue. (Source: Aaker, 1996:10-16)
Every marketer aims at achieving high levels of brand awareness. Traditionally this end was achieved through intensive advertising campaigns utilizing the traditional advertising media. Radio, newspapers and television helped achieve high levels of reach and frequency. While these traditional media continue to remain effective to create brand awareness, the marketing world has now woken up to newer and more interesting ways of reaching out to the consumer. A number of changes in the media landscape along with changing consumer media habits have brought about a sea change in the way brand messages are conveyed as well as consumed. Marketers are employing a wider variety of media platform to place their brand messages.
One of the most striking ways to capture attention is ambient advertising. Grabbing attention of consumers in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected manner creates an element of instant curiosity and interest, delivering brand awareness in a very effective way. Another method is cinema advertising, which immerses a captive audience in a larger than life format with superb sound quality effects which can mesmerise your audience. A sure shot way to grab the attention of affluent urban population is advertising in shopping malls. Branding in shopping malls or advertising in shopping malls is an effective way to reach the young affluent audience as they take a break from their fast paced lifestyle. Airport advertising, advertising in coffee shops, brand activations in shopping malls, experiential marketing, etc. are other non-traditional and effective ways to reach affluent consumers across varied spheres of life. All these methods are highly effective in creating brand recognition and brand recall, eventually adding up to increased brand awareness and desire to purchase.


Advertising in Shopping Malls

A shopping mall is a blessing in disguise for people who hate to spend hours shop hopping from one end of the market to another. Add to that the scorching heat, pouring rain or chilly winters can be a very tiresome and messy affair. A shopping mall is an answer to such woes. Shopping malls are cropping up all over India at a very fast pace. One of the prime reasons for this is the convenience and the ambience that they offer. A person can satisfy most of his shopping needs under one roof and that too with a plethora of comparable options. Malls are no longer just a destination for shopping. They have evolved over the years and today they offer a complete retail and leisure experience as they house cinemas, food courts and other family attractions besides the high-end retail stores. The plush ambience of malls adds to the overall appeal. All these factors put together have led to an increase in footfall and an increase in the visitor dwell time. Shopping malls are a favourite amongst the elite class and youngsters who are brand conscious. Naturally, it becomes an attractive medium for advertisers who wish to target this specific category of customers. Shopping malls provide the ideal environment to communicate with consumers as they are in a relaxed frame of mind and are open to brand messages. Hence shopping mall advertising is steadily gaining momentum. Shopping mall advertising is versatile and can be used in many forms.
Shopping malls are bustling with customers on any day and even more so on weekends. Advertising in shopping malls offers excellent opportunities to make contact with your target audience. Shopping mall advertising reaches consumers who are already geared up to spend money. Slow moving foot traffic and longer dwell times ensure that the advertising message gets noticed with options such as:
Façade Hoarding
Glass Façade
Arch Gate
Drop Down
Frisking kiosk
Elevator Branding
Food Court
Washroom Branding
Conceptual Innovations & Activations
Kiosks & Promotions
Branding at the cash counters

Advertisers can select the best fit from the above options for advertising in shopping centres. Malls are also an excellent avenue for conducting experiential marketing events. Shopping mall promotion ideas, when creatively designed and planned, can directly result into increased brand awareness, brand recall and higher conversions from prospects to customers. Trust a renowned brand like Khushi to address all your shopping mall advertising needs.


As much as it is difficult to completely decipher youth psyche, it is nevertheless an important aspect to be analysed if a marketer wants to penetrate this elusive segment. Youth marketing is nothing but a term used to describe marketing efforts targeted towards young people.
What age group does this spectrum cover?
Typically, the youth group consists of the age group from 13-35. This segment can be further broken down based on age into teenagers, college students, and young adults.
Why is marketing to youth so important?
Each of the aforementioned segments has marketers queuing up to woo them with advertisements targeted specifically for them. Pleasing this segment is critical because they are the trendsetters, the early adopters, and influencers. Their opinions tend to have a bearing on the spending pattern of family members. They invariably influence the purchasing decisions of their friends and more often than not, that of the family too. While they are consumers themselves, this segment (especially aged 23 years – 35 years) heavily influences decisions involving family such as purchase of white goods, financial investments, family vacation destinations, choice of car, etc. Whereas when it comes to friends, they are major influencers for clothes, accessories and leisure choices of their friends. If a brand is successful at being popular amongst youngsters, it stands a great chance of being spoken about and being considered a “must-have”.
What does a marketer need to do?
The youth today are being hounded by an ever-increasing assortment of media. Typically youth marketing strategies include online marketing (with heavy inclination towards social media), television advertising and magazine advertising. However one media choice which has not been adequately explored is cinema.
Cinema advertising offers unmatched advantages with respect to youth marketing-
Cinema audience primarily consists of youth.
Cinema advertising targets affluent audiences.
Cinema advertising targets urban and educated audiences, a large percentage of which are youth.
Cinema advertising is immersive and delivers to a captive youth audience who are otherwise caught up with one or the other technology gadget.
Cinema industry is booming and more and more youth are flocking to the cinemas every year.

An effective advertisement in a cinema, which rides on the larger-than-life audio-visual effect that a cinema provides, can have a huge impact on the minds of the youth. This can trigger discussions amongst friends and peers about the advertised brand, notching up the curiosity factor. Youth generally doesn’t shy away from trial and if the brand can complement the cinema advertisement with an opportunity to actually try the brand, then rest assured, the brand stands a chance of winning a very valuable segment of the market – the youth.

Cinema Advertising as an Innovative Advertising Medium

Advertising is the backbone of marketing. No product can achieve its intended sales without effective advertising. Though the traditional forms of advertising still occupy the market at large, the fact is that in today’s fast and digital world, no one has the patience to pay attention to the advertisements and thus most of them are ignored by the people. It takes real creativity to produce such advertisements which capture the attention of people.
Innovative advertising is a strategy which puts the advertisements in such an innovative way that people can’t overlook them. It makes the people look twice and fix an image of the product in their minds due to which they ultimately get encouraged to buy it. They may include 3-dimensional pictures on hoardings or the use of some models at the appropriate and oft visited places etc. Innovative advertising is a new and contemporary way of making the advertisements become livelier and thus they captivate the eyes of people. People, once fascinated by these products, eventually end up buying them.
Cinema advertising is also a form of innovative advertising. Cinema advertising mainly refers to the off-screen and on-screen branding that the consumers get to see when they come for a movie in theatres. It includes both what is presented on the screen and the advertisements which are put up in the theatres physically e.g. putting up cutouts of cartoon characters to allure children. It is a wonderful way to target your core customers and minimize the wastage of time and money. It enhances the effective reach of the product among the potential buyers and spurs the net sales.
To cite an example, if we talk about Punjab, there are several cinema advertising agencies in Punjab. To attain their planned goals, the companies tie up with these agencies, discuss their plans and targets with them and finally begin the cinema advertising in a unique way. Usually, the audience coming to multi-screen or even single-screen theatres is affluent enough and has an uninterrupted, receptive and positive state of mind as they are away from their work stress. These agencies target them very precisely with the help of their innovative advertising. These advertisements charm them and tempt them to buy the advertised products.
Cinema advertising in Amritsar is another case in point. Cinema advertising in Amritsar is also thriving a lot in the recent times. As Amritsar is a fast growing city, this field has a lot of scope over there. If you want to make your reach among the masses and take your business to an altogether different level, opt for this advanced and marvelous form of advertising and witness your business flourish beyond all bounds.

Experiential Marketing: A Key to Success

Experiential marketing, also known as “live marketing” or “engagement marketing” or “participation marketing” is actually a marketing strategy which involves the consumers directly and encourages them to get engaged with the brand. This strategy has a benefit over the other forms of promotions as they provide a one- on- one interaction with the customers which makes it more memorable and meaningful for them. The customers are more likely to buy a product promoted by the help of the experiential marketing ideas as they feel connected to it.
An experiential marketing company helps to create awareness about the product. The consumers get to know the product and it gets engraved in their minds. Thus it helps to provoke attention to the brand. The consumers come to know about the products and tend to buy if they like them.
The brands prefer to take the services of the best experiential marketing agencies available in the market. They try to develop a bond with the consumers. Various marketing gimmicks are used for this purpose like activating a sponsorship or distributing free samples among them. It gives a memorable brand experience to the individual customers and offers a fair chance that they will buy the products.
Experiential marketing company helps in catalyzing purchases as the customers feel that they are not at a store but it is just an experience and that they have an option of not to buy as well. Thus, if they like the products, they become inclined to buy them.
Moreover, a one-time purchase may meet the immediate targets but the companies aim for brand loyalty. Experiential marketing companies with their innovative ideas make it sure that the existing customers keep talking about the brand post their initial purchase. It makes them feel good about their purchase and encourages them to buy again and thus ensures brand loyalty. Moreover, they can promote these products via social media or can directly recommend them to their friends if they like them. Experiential marketing aids in this motive by connecting the customers directly to the brand.
Thus, if a brand hires one of the best experiential marketing agencies, it has already won half of the battle. An expert in India Experiential Marketing Company will ensure a good connect with the customers with the help of its attention capturing ideas and it will eventually result in a spur in the company’s sales. Not only the immediate goals will be taken care of but this connect will ensure good sales in the future as they work on building the brand loyalty also!

Activation Agencies for Brand Promotions

Brand promotion is one of the main elements of marketing mix and plays a very important role in generating sales. It refers to increasing the awareness of the customers about a brand or a product, enhancing the sales and confirming brand loyalty. Its main purpose is to inform, direct, prompt and influence the customers to buy the products advertised by the company. It is a very effective communication that reminds the customers of the company’s brands. It also differentiates these products with the other competitive products available in the market. It has to be done primarily by the manufacturer but at times, wholesalers and retailers also undertake this activity.
The most competent way to manage these brand promotions is to take the services of a good and efficient brand activation agency. These people are experts in their field and provide the companies an effective and hassle free experience of brand marketing, promotion and activation. Brand activation makes a powerful link between the company and its prospective buyers. Whether the target is to launch a new product or to promote an existing one, these activation agencies are always ready with their innovative solutions. When combined with appropriate experiential marketing ideas, these brand activations can attract maximum footfalls and generate maximum sales for the company.
These activation agencies offer a spectrum of versatile and customized services to their clients after a well-thought out and detailed study of the client’s needs and the best suited activation.
Activation agencies provide their services and solutions in different ways. There are various forms of brand activation. The most common options for brand activation are mall activation, corporate activation, society activation, etc. These agencies put up their set-up in these places and directly connect with the target groups by engaging them in various activities. It gives an interactive experience to customers, which casts a long lasting impression on their minds. It definitely enhances the sales and increases the profits for the company.
There are several activation agencies in Mumbai. All you need to do is to find out an efficient one and establish a one-to-one interaction channel with your customers. This will provide you with a platform to connect directly with your clients and offer them a complete interactive experience of your brand. It will make you stand out of the crowd of the other innumerable suppliers of the same products and make your business thrive at an unprecedented pace.