PVR Cinemas – The Undisputed Leader of the Cinema Exhibition Industry

When we think of multiplexes, luxurious cinema viewing, 5-star movie watching experience, the name that comes first to our minds is undoubtedly PVR cinemas. In a timespan of two decades, PVR cinemas has managed to firmly plant itself at the topmost position in the cinema exhibition industry. In a country which shares a common passion for cinema, PVR cinemas has proved to be a pioneer in providing a complete package of luxurious cinema watching experience. PVR cinemas has many ‘firsts’ to boast about.
1997 – became the pioneer in Indian multiplex in collaboration with Village Roadshow
2003 – First cinema company in India to get private equity investment
2004 – Launched India’s biggest 11-screen multiplex at Forum Mall, Bangalore
2008 – Launched the first Digital Cinema with PVR Premiere at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
2012 – Acquired Cinemax and became the Number One Cinema Chain in the country. Also, became India’s first fully digital cinema chain
(Source for the italicised text: http://www.pvrcinemas.com)
The journey of PVR’s growth has been exceptional. After a humble beginning with just one property in New Delhi in 1997, today PVR owns 121 properties with 557 screens in 48 cities across India. Today, PVR ranks in the top 10 cinema exhibition companies in the world. Bagging numerous awards over the years, it continues to flourish with its ever evolving range of services and experiences.
PVR caters to the high profile audience as it offers cinema viewing with a dash of indulgence. PVR has gone one step ahead has further segmented its audience. Using umbrella branding strategy, PVR has created a number of brands riding on the immense popularity of brand PVR. Each of these targets a particular niche segment of PVR’s TG and has something unique to offer.
PVR Director’s Cut – luxury auditoriums, concierge services and Director’s Cut Privilege Card, gourmet offering and in-seating dining, luxury lobby lounge, movies on demand, private screening, personal functions and more.
PVR Imax – high technology – proprietary software, architecture and equipment pioneered by IMAX, customised with patented screen and seating design. It is a movie viewing experience that lets you get completely immersed.
PVR 4DX – high-tech motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents, in both 2D and 3D formats, working in perfect synchronicity with the action on screen – creating the most un-missable and exhilarating cinematic experience.
PVR Playhouse (Kids Auditorium) – on screen presentation by kids, in audi slide, lights on dimmer, birthday bashes, audi theme, bean bag seating, kids menu.
(Note: Italicised text contains excerpts from http://www.pvrcinemas.com)
With so many precise targeting options, it becomes extremely viable for brands to advertise in PVR cinemas. Brands are increasingly realising this and including PVR advertising in their media mix. Join the bandwagon and contact Khushi to advertise in PVR cinemas today!


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