Marketers are constantly struggling to be at the top rung of the brand recall ladder in the consumer’s head. Today’s fast and competitive life coupled with the increase in number of media consumption options means that consumers very often consume two or more media simultaneously. They watch T.V. with their smartphones in hand and browse through it during commercial breaks on T.V. For the brands advertising on T.V., the harsh reality is that your TG is not giving their undivided attention to your ad.
Cinema is a medium that doesn’t have this shortcoming. Various studies have analysed and reported that ads watched in the cinema are processed by the brain more consciously, proving a much more powerful and emotionally engaging medium for brands.
There’s no denying that cinema delivers only a fraction in terms of reach and frequency as compared to T.V, however, as a supplementary medium it can enhance the effectiveness of T.V. Where cinema scores hands down over T.V. is in the impact it delivers.

Media planners today are sitting up and taking notice of the effectiveness of cinema advertising. Some of the reasons that media planners need to keep in mind are:-
Cinema advertising targets urban, educated and affluent audiences
Cinema advertising delivers more impact and recall than T.V.
Cinema delivers to a captive audience
Cinemas provide an immersive and captivating environment
Cinema audience is amenable to marketing communication
Unlike T.V., cinema advertisements cannot be skipped
Cinemas provides a big screen and superior sound quality to showcase brands
Precise targeting options are available in cinema advertising
Cinema advertising is the best option for pin-code specific marketing campaigns
Apart from onscreen ads, cinemas provide a platform for various branding and engagement opportunities
Cinema advertising offers cost-effective targeting as wastage is reduced due to precise targeting
Cinema industry is flourishing and more and more people are flocking to the cinemas every year
While it may not be advisable and feasible for marketers to run only cinema campaigns and not T.V., it would be best if media planners integrate cinema in their media mix as a complement to T.V. This way they can score on all the fronts- reach and frequency through T.V.; and recall and impact through cinema.
To sum up, cinema offers you a platform like no other to reach your filtered TG through an immersive and engaging manner. It offers you an opportunity to create that lasting appeal that lingers with the audience long after they leave the cinema hall. Brands and media planners are increasingly recognising the strong and unique impact of cinema advertising and weaving cinema into their overall media mix.



Ambient advertising refers to almost any kind of out-of-the-home advertising which occurs on a non-regular medium. Ambient media is a name for a media choice that is not considered mainstream. It involves deviating from the trodden path of advertising followed traditionally and instead using unusual mediums to grab the attention of audiences.
Ambient advertising can be done either as a standalone activity, or it can be combined with other traditional media advertising. Ambient media advertising essentially uses ambient spaces or places with high visibility for placing the message. Its USP is the element of surprise that it carries. When an ad message is communicated in an unusual or unexpected place in an innovative manner, people are bound to sit up and take notice of it. Also, since ambient advertising is different from regular advertising, the ad is easily registered and recalled by the audience.
Some examples of ambient media are escalators in malls and multiplexes, table mats and tent cards in QSRs, floor stickers in malls, baggage trolleys at airports, shopping carts at hypermarkets, washroom branding in multiplexes and malls, seat-backs and tickets jackets at cinemas, treadmill and towel branding in gyms, and so on. The key to remember here is that there has to be a perfect marriage between the avenue and the kind of message it is delivering.
Some of the reasons for the growth of ambient advertising in India are-
Ambient advertising is non-intrusive – Ambient advertising does not disturb you while you are watching your favourite T.V. programme or listening to your favourite songs on radio. It does not invade your entertainment space and time.
Excellent medium for POS communications – Impulse buying is a behaviour that marketers desire. POS communication is an excellent driver for impulse buying. Use of ambient advertising to deliver effective POS communication in malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, etc. can add a sizeable percentage to the impulse purchases.
Novelty – Ambient advertising is different from regular traditional advertising. It instantly grabs attention because it has something new to offer. This novelty factor acts like a magnet to attract eyeballs and makes the ad almost impossible to ignore.
Precise targeting – Ambient media advertising is done at places which are sure to bring in the desired TG. Hence, there is minimal wastage.
Versatility – Ambient advertising is the most versatile medium and can be tailored to suit the environment of the place where it is being done. It allows the creative juices to flow and does not limit the marketer with pre-defined boundaries of creative confines.
Ambient media agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and all the other major cities are experts at providing innovative ambient media solutions. Khushi Advertising is the leading ambient media agency in India offering a number of ambient media advertising solutions. Our long list of clientele trust us to deliver unique ambient solutions across various avenues such as malls, multiplexes, hypermarkets, airports, restaurants, gyms, bookstores and others.

How to Be a Brand for Every Indian Household

If you want to reach the zenith of success, you have to be a brand known to every household. While your products may be of good quality, your services exceptional, until and unless you are able to grab the attention of the consumers, it is of no use. Grabbing attention is again a tough job in the world of competition, where multiple companies have the same products and services as yours. This is where a solid brand promotions company in India comes to assistance. Let us check out how these companies can fulfill your desire to be the first choice of the customers.
Experiential Marketing
This is the first thing that the advertising companies in India do. They involve the customer to build your brand. Experiential marketing means getting into direct conversations with the customers. Their advertisements let consumers directly interact with your brand. More customer engagement enhances the reputation of your brand. These companies come up with experiential marketing ideas and campaigns to get customer attention.
Innovative Advertising
You are not the only company advertising your products. People are habituated to seeing hundreds of ads every day and hence until and unless you have something unique to offer they will not care. The best advertising agencies in Mumbai understand the pulse of the customer and develop advertisements that appeal to them. These experiential marketing agencies in Mumbai can create unparalleled advertisements out of usual or ordinary concepts.
Cost effective Advertising
The advertising companies can also help you to do the branding and advertisements of your products at an affordable price. They can select unusual but popular places for your advertisements which ultimately reduces the cost. This is generally known as ambient advertising. The success of this kind of advertisements lies in the fact that these use the best media format and have an effective message to spread. Ambient advertising has often changed the way of thinking of people and hence is extremely popular in the advertisement domain. Hence to get the best ambient advertising, it is suggested to engage an experiential marketing company.
The advertising agencies in Mumbai are masters in branding and advertisement jobs. They are the team of seasoned professionals who know how people are busy in a metropolitan like Mumbai and hence how important it is to impress them in short words and images. Engage one of them to highlight your product.

Are Media Agencies in India only for MNCs?

What comes in your mind when you think of top media agencies in India? A large office with top notch clientele? Well, this is not the case. These media agencies serve small and medium businesses as well and their services are extremely important for the sustainable development of any company. How? Let us see.
Media agencies in India are seasoned in their profession and they understand the pulse of the market. Hence it is always better to give your advertising jobs in expert hands to get the best results.
Easy Access
Numerous people are always in queue to get the best place for advertising their products. Hence if you do not have sources it is tough to get the best place. A reputed cinema advertising agency can help out in Inox, PVR and BIG Cinemas advertising with the help of their connections. They also have good knowledge about researchers who can help you to know the demand for your products. Moreover, hiring media buyers, artists and film makers is not affordable for small and medium sized businesses. The advertising agencies have knowhow about this kind of advertising and through them you can get the best people. Hence engaging a media agency is profitable in several ways.
Time Saving
While advertising is a significant part of your business, it is not your core job. There are several other factors that run your business and hence if you need to indulge in creating your advertisements as well, it will hamper the other aspects of your business. Advertising is a time consuming process and hence save your time by outsourcing it to an advertising company.
Cost Effective
Apparently it may seem to be a costly process to engage a media agency. But ultimately, this process saves your money. The media agencies in India can help you do ambient media advertising. This means doing advertisements in odd places where the competition is less but can be easily seen by people. Moreover, they help you redesign your advertisements to take less space and hence you can hire limited area for shopping mall advertising; which means getting same number of viewers but at less cost. Last but not the least; as the media agencies are constantly engaged with publishers, radio and TV stations, they can help you get more discounts.
Hence media agencies in India act as revenue generators for both small and large organizations.

Ambient Advertising: The Smart Way of Getting Your Brand Noticed

Ambient media advertising refers to placing ads on unusual objects and places, where generally it is not expected to be. Media marketing agencies make the most of this form of advertising by combining the available medium with state of the art visuals, lights and forms to create the desired effect. This form of innovative advertising creates a greater impact on the subconscious minds of the visitors, and eventually creates solid brand image.
Traditionally, this form of advertising found place in the outside- on building structures, roads, benches, parks, huge billboards and signboards, etc. However, ambient advertising is not always done in the outside. In fact, shopping mall advertising as we see today is a classic form of ambient advertising. For example, advertising in the elevators, escalators, lobbies, corridors and more are nothing but smart advertising.
Basically, the essence of ambient advertising is thinking out of the box and creating ads that are funny, awe inspiring or plain shocking. It makes people think about the product and the brand. The word ambient advertising came in use for the first time in 1999, where it was used as a jargon by the UK media. However, seeing the results, it soon gained popularity and today it is used by some of the best advertising companies in India.
Some of the best advertising agencies in Mumbai opine that the optimal results can be achieved when the traditional modes of advertising are combined with ambient advertising. Experiential marketing companies have been using this form of advertising to introduce novel ideas and concepts to make the most of their brands.
However, it must be noted that for any marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to be well planned and thoughtfully designed. That’s where the expertise of top media agencies in India comes to play. Their experience, expertise and the ability to combine various formats to effectively convey the message will go a long way to create brand image and brand value for your products. Also, it would be best to supplement ambient advertising with other traditional and modern advertising to make the most out of your campaign.
So, let your brand image take a leap and make a lasting impression in the minds of your prospects and consumers. Make sure you seek the services of the right advertising agencies in Mumbai and add that “wow” factor to your advertisements.


As the leader in the cinema exhibition industry, it is not surprising that PVR has a loyal audience base that prefers PVR over any other cinema. And it is not without reason. PVR has ensured that they not just satisfy their customers, but delight them with their heady mix of cinema watching experience with grandiosity. PVR has nothing but the best to offer to its customers – plush ambience, luxurious seating, highest quality 2K digital cinema technology, 7.1 Dolby surround sound, delectable spread of F&B and superb service.
PVR offers unique cinematic experiences to its audiences. They believe in serving every patron’s need through various cinema formats varying from PVR Talkies to PVR Director’s Cut. Each format offered by PVR has something unique to offer to its meticulously filtered TG. This ready segmentation done by PVR works like a dream for marketers who want to target very specific TGs with precise targeting options. Many brands are using this viable and highly impactful targeting opportunity and are advertising in PVR cinemas regularly. PVR advertising has become immensely popular and forms a part of the media mix for many media planners.
If your target market is from SEC A1, A2, B1 and B2, there’s no denying the wonders that advertising in PVR can do for you. There are a number of advantages of advertising in PVR. Mentioned below are some facts which elucidate the highlights that PVR advertising has to offer-
PVR is India’s largest cinema chain
PVR’s TG consists of affluent audiences. Patrons pay as much as eight times more for a PVR ticket than that at a single screen cinema.
Ads can be featured offering a holistic experience engaging all senses as PVR has the best in class technology
Comfortable ambience tunes the mindset of the audience to absorb marketing communication
World class audio visual output enlivens advertisements
PVR enjoys a loyal customer-base which can vouch for its superiority over competing cinemas
PVR properties are positioned strategically to suit the socio-economic background of the locality.
Precise targeting is possible due to the various cinema formats offered by PVR
Most PVR cinemas are situated in malls. Hence, advertising in PVR cinemas comes loaded with the proximity advantage for high end brands which have retails outlets in the malls. This offers the advantage of hyperlocal marketing.
There is evidence that PVR is far ahead of the pack and has taken pioneering initiatives to garner this kind of leadership position. 71 million people come to PVR Cinemas and in terms of cinema revenues, PVR is perhaps bigger than some of the publications. PVR is also bigger than some of the channels for the kind of advertising revenues that it makes.
(Source for italicised text:
The numerous testimonials from brands which advertise in PVR are evidence of the advantages of advertising in PVR. Khushi is the preferred agency of PVR for cinema advertising. Contact us to know more about advertising in PVR cinemas. Reach out or miss out!

A major boost for the Experiential Marketing unit at Khushi

Khushi believes in constantly churning out new initiatives to serve the ever-increasing needs of its clients. In this vein, we try to continuously re-invent ourselves to bring something new to the table or to enhance an existing service.
Experiential Marketing is a service that demands a lot of ideation and constant innovation. Our clients rely on us to provide them with new and unique experiential marketing ideas. Our clients’ increasing demand for experiential marketing solutions fuelled the growth of our Experiential Marketing unit and translated into a need to provide a more streamlined service. This prompted us to bring on board Mr. Nitin Navalkar to spearhead our Experiential Marketing unit. Nitin comes with a wealth of experience within mainline advertising, marketing communications and activation, having spent the last three years at Onida where he was instrumental in leading campaigns which established the new face of Onida. Prior to Onida, Nitin has worked with Ogilvy Action for around 6 years where he played a pivotal role in acquiring and managing numerous large corporate accounts and has executed some of the most acclaimed campaigns. In his career spanning two decades, the numerous awards won by his team riding on his leadership are testimony to his proficiency and expertise.
Khushi is delighted to have Nitin on board to further enhance the bouquet of service offerings. The management at Khushi is very positive about the promising growth of the Experiential Marketing unit that this move is certain to usher in. Mr. Pranay Shah, Director – Khushi Advertising is confident that Nitin’s appointment will prove to be a long stride in Khushi’s path to growth as he will infuse new energy into the Experiential Marketing unit and scale it to new heights. He is certain that Nitin will play a key role in providing and implementing high quality Experiential Marketing solutions for clients. Vishnu Telang, CEO – Khushi Advertising also echoes the same thoughts when he reiterates that he is delighted to have on board someone who brings in valuable expertise and skills and also fits in with our ethos of client orientation and exceptional service.
Nitin brings a great new perspective and skill set to team Khushi and the Experiential Marketing unit is poised to flourish under his leadership. With our wide spectrum of services offered, we do not settle for anything but the best in each of our service domains and this sprucing up of our Experiential Marketing unit is testimony of our constant endeavour to be the best in the industry.

PVR Cinemas – The Undisputed Leader of the Cinema Exhibition Industry

When we think of multiplexes, luxurious cinema viewing, 5-star movie watching experience, the name that comes first to our minds is undoubtedly PVR cinemas. In a timespan of two decades, PVR cinemas has managed to firmly plant itself at the topmost position in the cinema exhibition industry. In a country which shares a common passion for cinema, PVR cinemas has proved to be a pioneer in providing a complete package of luxurious cinema watching experience. PVR cinemas has many ‘firsts’ to boast about.
1997 – became the pioneer in Indian multiplex in collaboration with Village Roadshow
2003 – First cinema company in India to get private equity investment
2004 – Launched India’s biggest 11-screen multiplex at Forum Mall, Bangalore
2008 – Launched the first Digital Cinema with PVR Premiere at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon
2012 – Acquired Cinemax and became the Number One Cinema Chain in the country. Also, became India’s first fully digital cinema chain
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The journey of PVR’s growth has been exceptional. After a humble beginning with just one property in New Delhi in 1997, today PVR owns 121 properties with 557 screens in 48 cities across India. Today, PVR ranks in the top 10 cinema exhibition companies in the world. Bagging numerous awards over the years, it continues to flourish with its ever evolving range of services and experiences.
PVR caters to the high profile audience as it offers cinema viewing with a dash of indulgence. PVR has gone one step ahead has further segmented its audience. Using umbrella branding strategy, PVR has created a number of brands riding on the immense popularity of brand PVR. Each of these targets a particular niche segment of PVR’s TG and has something unique to offer.
PVR Director’s Cut – luxury auditoriums, concierge services and Director’s Cut Privilege Card, gourmet offering and in-seating dining, luxury lobby lounge, movies on demand, private screening, personal functions and more.
PVR Imax – high technology – proprietary software, architecture and equipment pioneered by IMAX, customised with patented screen and seating design. It is a movie viewing experience that lets you get completely immersed.
PVR 4DX – high-tech motion seats and special effects including wind, fog, lightning, bubbles, water, rain and scents, in both 2D and 3D formats, working in perfect synchronicity with the action on screen – creating the most un-missable and exhilarating cinematic experience.
PVR Playhouse (Kids Auditorium) – on screen presentation by kids, in audi slide, lights on dimmer, birthday bashes, audi theme, bean bag seating, kids menu.
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With so many precise targeting options, it becomes extremely viable for brands to advertise in PVR cinemas. Brands are increasingly realising this and including PVR advertising in their media mix. Join the bandwagon and contact Khushi to advertise in PVR cinemas today!