How cinema advertising Is becoming a Dominant tool of Advertising in India?

Cinema advertising in India is idiosyncratically effectual than other media due to its phenomenal recall value. Studies prove that watching an ad in the cinema gets processed consciously by our brains. No wonder, marketing geeks want to squeeze as possible from this emotionally engaging medium.

It is not an exaggeration to say that cinema advertising is the most impactful medium. This statement can be substantiated with certain points. Studies reveal that it is at least 10 times more effective in making your brand a star performer. The emotional engagement is as high as four times compared to the television audience. No wonder, creative minds working in cinema advertising agencies in Delhi and all across India are the busiest.

With an objective of maximizing ROI, advertising agencies in Mumbai spend considerable time to develop unique, eye-catching ideas for the clients. Cinema offers a unique role in the present-day communication mix, and brands and agencies have to put further efforts to understand its potential and impact.

Changing relationship between the TV and viewers
The small screen is still the uncrowned emperor of the entertainment world. Nobody can raise eyebrows at the unmatched popularity of it. Being an integral part of the media mix, it is virtually impossible for cinema advertising agencies in India to ignore it.

However, television is a medium where an abundance of advertisements makes people reluctant to watch ads. Viewers grab the remote control and change the channel almost instantly during the commercial break.

In a cinema hall, however, the situation is diametrically opposite. The audience gets mesmerized by the ads there in a highly captive environment. No wonder, cinema advertising in India creates exceptionally high emotional engagement. It is impossible to beat the silver screen as far as impact is concerned.

Though piracy offers a big peril to the film industry, filmmakers find new ways of attracting people to cinema halls. Use of specialized technologies such as surround sound and 3D lure people to go to movie halls. Thus, cinema advertising remains contemporary and relevant in the modern times. A seasoned in- film advertising company in Mumbai like Khushi puts their best brains in conceptualizing awesome ideas.

As the audience is being treated to an exclusive showcase from the best production houses worldwide, exciting releases create superb opportunities for effective and impactful brand presence through in film advertising.



Liberalisation and globalisation changed the face of the Indian market. There was a huge gush of brands entering the market. Suddenly the market was flooded with a deluge of brands offering similar or dissimilar features. Each of them wanted to grab the potential consumer’s attention first. Each of them was vying for the largest pie in the market share. Obviously, these brands needed good mediums to promote themselves.

At around the same time, with the advancement in technology, Satellite TV made its way into our homes. Marketers started relying heavily on this medium to advertise their products and services. Apart from TV, the other mediums too were used extensively – print, radio and outdoor.

However, as the years passed by, marketers started realising that they would have to look for other avenues too apart from just TV or the other traditional mediums. If they did not do this, then they would fade in oblivion in the customer’s mind as the customer was constantly bombarded with a plethora of advertisements on TV, in print, etc. Customers complained that these advertisements were a hindrance in their TV viewing. So, they took the simple way out. They simply flipped channels when the programme went into an ad break. Thus, the whole purpose of inserting ads in breaks started to lose its ground at some level.

This insight was rightly comprehended by expert agencies like Khushi Advertising. We, at Khushi realised that it is getting increasingly difficult to hold the customer’s attention in a medium where he/she is in a commanding position, i.e. they have the remote control and can simply change the channel. Hence, for brands to make the most of their investment in advertisements, Khushi presented the option of cinema advertising to companies. Cinema is a booming industry in India with not just Hindi films but regional films too raking in huge business. Advertising in cinemas is the most lucrative option to catch the attention of customers who are in a relaxed state of mind. The brand leverages the advantages that a big screen and superior sound output offers. Not to forget, the ambience in a multiplex also adds to the overall experience of the cine-goer. Also, here the customer or cinema goer is more receptive to the message in the advertisement as he does not have any other disturbance or interruption around him. Hence, a brand stands a greater chance of being heard and recalled by the customer.

Cinema advertising in India is in its nascent stage. There is huge scope to utilise this medium and enjoy the many advantages that it offers. Increasingly brands are recognising the importance of and are relying on experts like Khushi to give them a comprehensive cinema advertising plan to reach the target audience, delivering maximum impact. With the increase in the number of multiplexes the business of cinema advertising is on the upward swing.Cinema advertising in multiplexes has increased manifold. PVR cinema advertising or Inox cinema advertising has gained great momentum today. With increasing number of people flocking to cinemas,cinema advertising agencies in Mumbai,Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and all from over India are educating brands about the importance of this medium. Offering so many advantages,cinema advertising is definitely here to stay.

Khushi Advertising bags the ‘Most Admired Ambient Media Agency of the Year’ award at CEF!

Khushi Advertising won the ‘Most Admired Ambient Media Agency of the Year’ award at the recently concluded Asia-Pacific Customer Engagement Forum & Awards(CEF) 2015-2016 Awards.
‘The Power of Consumer Insights for Customer Engagement’ was the theme for this edition of the CEF Awards.Notable contributions in the sectors of digital, mobile, radio, television, magazine, events & promotions, BTL, retail touch point, OOH, Online media, mobile apps and website were recognized for their commitment to excellence in Customer Engagement.
We are the fastest growing ambient media solutionsagency in India with a presence in 31 offices spanning all the major cities in India with a staff of 200+.Being the trusted agency for brands in FMCG, television, automobiles and many more industries, we area name to reckon with when it comes to ambient media solutions.
Speaking on this accomplishment, Mr. Vishnu Telang – Director, Khushi Advertising said “We are elated to have won this award. This award is a vindication of our work ethics and a reward for the effort put in by our team of talented personnel. It is a great morale booster for us.  We resolve not to rest on our laurels and will keep striving to scale new heights. What is indeed heartening is that the entire team at Khushi echoes this sentiment”.
Jubilant & overjoyed by the achievement, Mr.Pranay Shah – Director, Khushi Advertising said “Our hard work is rewarded & I want to thank all our clients, partners & associates for giving us the opportunity & trusting us”.