Five reasons Khushi Advertising makes experiential marketing a great hit for you.

In the competitive environment today, it is certainly difficult to build long-term brand loyalty. People have an array of choices atcompetitive prices. Therefore, you need something different and more effective than the conventional means. Khushi Advertising is one of the topExperiential Marketingagencies in India. It hasestablished high standards by following pioneering ideas. Here are five reasons it is among the top choices when clients need experiential marketing services:
(i) When people experience, it is impossible to get detached from a brand: Experiential marketing gives a chance to take control of the experience. Thus, customer engagement increases manifold. When people know that a brand is in line with their expectations and choice, they appreciate it and make part of their life. The brand touches their emotions.
(ii) It is a personalized experience: When a brand is marketed by other means, it is a one-to-many experience. Though marketing gurus design it beautifully to reach the maximum audience, it has a universal appeal and no personal touch. Experiential marketing, on the other hand, is purely personal. Khushi Advertising has the required team of skilled Experiential Marketing experts in India to make it as effective as possible. When a consumer feels greatly connected, the brand becomes a personal choice and preference.
(iii) It does not have the ill-effects of aggressive marketing: With dedicated marketing campaigns that are purely experiential in nature, there is no scope for spamming or ineffective marketing campaigns. The campaigns are individually designed to build high levels of brand loyalty. Specifically targeted campaigns based on demographics make it a big success.
(iv) Campaigns alter the purchase decisions: Smart brand promotions using experiential marketing concepts not only increase brand awareness, but also influence purchase decisions. Each campaign can be designed on the digital, social and behavioral aspects of the consumers. With a rich experience in the niche, Khushi Advertisinghas the skills to do it well.
(v) Creativity and innovation are at the peak: When people rely on seasoned marketing companies like Khushi Advertising, it is certain that the brand is promoted using the most creative and innovative ideas. They create a long-lasting impact and excellent results. Expert designers put a finger on the pulse of the market to sense the change in the consumer behavior.
The modern world of marketing needs all types of marketing efforts when it comes to establishing a brand in the market. Experiential Marketing Ideas are the frontrunners in this race.


Want to extract the most from experiential marketing? Here are some facts

The impact of experiential marketing is quite clear to those who have tasted the fruits of this incredibly spicy way of marketing.  When you hire a seasoned agency like Khushi Advertising that runs a focused campaign for you, it is guaranteed that users find it well-executed and lively.
Experts call it the first step towards a path to establish great customer loyalty and brand recognition. You accomplish the achievement that you have always dreamt of.Why are brand gurus so gung-ho about this memorable and persuasive activity? Why is it regarded as the only way to create long-lasting and personalized relations with clients and customers? Why is it one of the smartest ways of connecting with business associates?
The answer is pretty simple. The best experiential marketing agencies know the tangible and intangible benefits that a campaign can offer. Hence, they assess the return on investment with amazing precision.
Why is it so different from others?
Experiential marketing is a channel that is not at all comparable to other similar products. It creates a direct, personalized brand experience that builds incredible trust among buyers and other business associates. A similar impact is just not possible by any other means. Experiential marketing companies in India design precise campaigns that build trust with highly personalized and face-to-face experience of the brand. Since a laser beam- like campaign targets the audience, the message reaches to the toughest corners easily.
Since an experiential marketing campaign generates results that are based on the hands-on experience and not statistical paperwork, therein lies the biggest strength.  As compared to other above-the-line campaigns, the experiential wastage is minimal. Not only FMCG sector (where this mode is remarkably effective), but all sectors take the benefit of it.
Marketers spread across industries reap benefits by hiring anexpert in Experiential Marketing like Khushi Advertisingthat holds the knack of designing the mosteffective marketing campaign based on user requirements.
Revenue growth versus expense, you need the best
Return on investment of the campaign is nothing but calculating the monetary benefit generated by a campaign after subtracting the cost incurred. Simple mathematics, isn’t it? However, you should look at the campaign differently while calculating the ROI. Experts say that it is something beyond mere financial calculations. The greatly immersive campaigns make tremendously positive marketing waves for you, and the buzz is helpful from the long-term perspective.  A raving success is what you should expect from it because experiential marketing is “different” from other conventional means.

Movie merchandizing, what explains the buzz around it?

Movie merchandizing no longer remains an alien concept for Bollywood today. It is the new-age marketing mantra. You see almost every film today getting released with a series of merchandize. This kind of branding has immense potential.From the perspective of movie makers, here are some prominent benefits:
(i) It promotes the movie: Movie merchandizing achieves film promotions from outlets that are totally unconventional. Since there is no direct expense incurred for these outlets, it brings high cost-effectiveness.
(ii) It makes the movie a household name: Experts say that merchandizing has multiple times more potential than conventional ways. It makes the movie a household name by reaching as many people as possible.
(iii) It holds monetary value: If it is done effectively and the movie is also a box office hit, then it brings a lot of money. An expert in Film Advertising can build fantastic products that are impressive and profitable.
(iv) It makes memories of the movie long-lasting: Experts say that public memory is very short. Hence, they forget about a movie once it is out of the theaters. However, merchandizing helps avoid the curse of oblivion. It is also possible to generate further revenues by selling rights of the brand merchandize.

A few points to ponder
No doubt, it is a great way of generating revenues, however there are a few things that should be considered before implementing it. Regardless of the fact that you hire the Best Cinema Advertising Agency, the results will not be impressive if these things are overlooked:
(i) Quality has to be paramount. Otherwise, it will adversely impact the movie. An incorrect impression will be built, and people will not turn up at the movie halls.
(ii) The stock of the merchandize should be produced judiciously. If the quantity is too large, then there will be wastage. If it is too less, then the campaign will not be impactful.
(iii) Careful selection is necessary while making the decision about the merchandize.
(iv) The cost of merchandize should be proportionate to its quality and effectiveness.
The new trend not only acts as a superior and strong marketing tool but a revenue generator as well. Movie Merchandizing is bound to conquer new heights in the coming years.

Three branding trends that will change the way you think about brand building

Brand building is inevitable in the fiercely competitive business scenario today. As the brand owner of your company, you want to make it known to as many people as possible. There are several ways of doing it, but the service provider you hire chooses the best channel suitable to your marketing needs. Experts say that it is always good to keep a close watch on the latest trends that prevail. Good insight can be established thus, to beat the competition. Here are three branding trends other than Innovative advertising, that will govern the minds of everyone.

(i) Reports say that there is a paradigm shift in the way people think about brand building. Earlier, the approach was to establish a brand bigger than others. Now Media agencies in India realize that it is quite difficult to make effective brand-building by just highlighting, “how my brand issuperior to yours”. Rather, now there is a trend of identifying brand peculiarities and puttingthem to the right audience with a right perspective. Thus, it is possible to build the brand for a particular set of people, but the establishment is everlasting. Making a brand a “must have” or “inevitable” for a subset of consumers is much better than making it a face in the crowd.

(ii) Effectively communicating more and more about the brand is another success mantra. Whether it is for a certain set of people or generic communication, companies develop interesting content that occupies the mind. The campaigns talk about dreams, passions andinterests of people and relate the brand characteristics to it. Experts say that when a brand touches the aspirations of people, it is just not possible to forget about it. Seasoned marketing executives make use of the fact intelligently, and effectively. Content development by Top Media agencies in India is nowadays is based on this concept.

(iii) Making it “larger than life” is another trend which establishes the brand identity firmly. For example – Iodized Salt doesn’t remain the essential food item, but a powerful tool for Goiter Eradication Program. A hand wash becomes the driver of cleanliness in the country. It is called “higher purpose” which means the brand is much bigger than it appears. Today, marketing agencies build trends and campaigns based on this concept and establish the brand well whether it is in cinema advertising or print media.

As the year 2016 moves ahead, you should quickly formulate a strategy that will break earlier records. The trends mentioned above will you progress.

Khushi Advertising Integrates with JITO Connect 2016

A trade fair offers an incredible chance to deliberate and engage with business peer groups, stakeholders, clients and customers. JITO Connect 2016 offers an ambience and chance to establish a great connect to the marketplace. It is a grand event where a congregation of leading industries and brands across the country showcase their business. Khushi Advertising will be integrating with JITO 2016 Pune. Visit us at Stall 50,51 Yellow Cluster, JITO 2016 Pune

The three-day grand event kicks off on 7th April in Pune. The widespread area of 17 Acres ready to welcome eminent speakers, delegates, and business tycoons and media partners. The special attraction will be the JAIN PAVILLION showing the ideology, inspiration and fundamentals of Jainism.

Khushi will be showcasing its products and services at the Grand fair
Khushi Advertising, the most preferred partner in India for branding and advertising in shopping malls, cinemas and airports, will participate in the grand JITO 2016 event. It is a great chance to exhibit the excellence and prominence in front of the aptest audience Including entrepreneurs.

Khushi Advertising Offers its clients 360 Degree solutions covering multiple avenues and gamut of Services covering Cinema , Branding, Experiential, Showbiz and More. Khushi is not only the largest cinema advertising agency in India, but it is also one of the most trusted brands also. With exclusive rights for 1000+ cinema screens and 14 shopping malls, it grabs the largest chunk of the promising marketplace. Team Khushi is spread across 31 prominent Indian business cities where the best talents work relentlessly to satisfy the branding and advertising needs of 1500+brands.

Trustis the secret of success

The leading business brands partner Khushi because they believe in the capabilities of it. Whether is in-cinema advertising or branding in the shopping malls, exclusive inventory at airports or experiential marketing; the company excels at all the fronts.

JITO CONNECT 2016 opens new horizons of success by attracting eyeballs of the potential business partners. Summits where the best brands and industries participate, give new insights about the business today and tomorrow. With 200+ ad sales and operations team PAN India, Khushi offers a convenient and effective brand partnership with clients.