Cinema advertising catches enormous eyeballs PAN India
Multiplex is the best place to watch films. There are more than 2000 multiplex screens in India, no wonder it attracts marketers for promoting their products and services. Today, cinema advertising agencies in Kolkata, cinema advertising agencies in Mumbai, are prospering with numerous retail & corporate clients wanting to advertise in cinemas. With most of the movies touching the magic figure of 100 Cr, footfalls in multiplexes has shown an increasing trend year after year. Disposable income group of people are ready to spend because the experience of watching movies in these world-class cinemas is amazing.
Statistics show that the market is pretty exciting
You name an international brand, and you have it in India. International film distribution companies find a huge marketplace in India and have concrete expansion plans of five or ten years down the line. Among the top players running pretty close to each other, Inox shows immense resilience and spirit. As a result, advertising in INOX is a success mantra. Cinema advertising agencies in Pune and other big cities showcase them in Inox theaters. They are also advertising in CInepolis & PVR there.
The economy of scale is the biggest strength of India. On an average 30+ films get released every week including Hindi and 10 other regional languages. The estimated number of movie tickets sold in a year is approx. 4 billion. The figures are jaw-dropping. Cinema Advertising is one of the most lucrative modes of promotion. Irrespective of critics debating about cinema as an advertising medium; in-cinema advertising advantages & disadvantages, is surely a promising niche.
Small or big, all cities are fit for it
Digitized in-Cinema advertising is a hot cake which arouses the interest of PAN India advertising agencies.
If any brand has made an ad-film the marketer can showcase the same on TV and mix it with cinema advertising. This may increase the effective reach & ROI in their plan.
Interestingly, in-cinema advertising is also relevant for the metros or “A class cities”. Cinema advertising agencies in Punjab, Advertising agencies in Ludhiana, & advertising agencies in Chandigarh enjoy equally golden business opportunity as cinema advertising agencies in Hyderabad. Since the look and feel of multiplexes is same across the country (because all multiplex chains have stringent quality norms and guidelines), the market response is also identical. Reports say that there is a humongous opportunity in the Tier II and Tier III class cities where the market is completely unexplored. With more multiplexes coming in these cities, advertising agencies in India will have exciting cinema advertising advantages, & revenues to explore.

From single screen to multiplex, cinema advertising traverses a long way in India

Air-conditioned hall, magnificent surround sound, comfortable pushback seats and delivery of popcorn and ‘samosa’ right at your seats; it is a common scene in a multiplex. With movie watching becoming more and more exciting, multiplex advertising in India takes the commercial advantage of it in a creative manner. Since it is a family entertainment, it is also the most sought after medium for brand promotion & targeted advertising.

Cinema Advertising picked up momentum with the economic growth

The decade of 90’s brought a significant change in the Indian economy. There has been a great increase in the paying capacity of people and avenues like malls and multiplexes have become the lifestyle. With the advancement in technology, movie watching has become highly realistic experience. Thus, multiplexes totally transformed the way people watch movies today. 3D, 4DX, IMAX screens have made movie going experience very immersive & captivating. Looking at this immense business potential, Cinema advertising agencies in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur and other major cities grab every single opportunity of promoting services and products. In film advertising India is the latest buzz.

Marketing strategy changes on case to case basis

In a vast country like India where regional film industries are equally strong and capable as the Hindi film industry, it gives a regional cinema advertising option to the advertiser. Cinema advertising agencies in Chennai, Cinema advertising agencies in Madurai, Cinema advertising agencies in Coimbatore, Cinema advertising agencies in Hyderabad, Cinema advertising agencies in Vizag, Cinema advertising agencies in Vijayawada, Cinema advertising agencies in Kochi, and cinema advertising agencies in other cities of the South India focus on Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies. Many media agencies in Bangalore also advertise in cinemas.

It’s observed that marketers are advertising in PVR multiplex. They also advertise in INOX multiplex. Advertising in Cinepolis & advertising in Big Cinemas which is now acquired by Carnival Cinemas. Marketers are also advertising in cinemas in India. They are also advertising in Fun Cinemas.

Apart from the major cinema chains in India, marketers are also advertising in Miraj Cinemas as Miraj cinemas have 50+ cinema screens in India. Regional clients are advertising in Rajhans cinemas Ahmedabad to increase their brand awareness.

The onscreen advertisement is still the preferred choice among all. Typically, a multiplex plays 20 to 25 ads of half a minute duration. It means roughly 12 to 15 minutes of advertising. However, the impact is quite effective and long-lasting. The cinema advertising rates vary from brand to brand where a 30-seconds advertisement may cost 7K to 20K. As far as off-screen branding in cinemas, costs 15K to 30K per month per poster box. Standees cost 18K to 25K per month. In spite of expensive rates, advertising in the multiplex is a favorite idea. Cinema advertising agencies in Mumbaiuse mix of onscreen advertising & branding options in cinemas to ensure more eyeballs. They also do experiential marketing, brand activations, in cinemas to give a 360 degree advertising options in cinemas